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Casinos Europe & UK

The casino market in Europe is a competitive and dynamic industry, with a wide range of both land-based and online casinos. In recent years, the online casino market in Europe has experienced significant growth. The industry is regulated by a variety of national and international bodies. The casino market in Europe is expected to continue to thrive in the coming years, with both land-based and online casinos continuing to attract a large and loyal customer base.

In Europe, UK and France have the highest number of casinos.
In the UK there are 127 active land-based casinos while France has 111 active land-based casinos. In France most of them are located at the seaside.

In the free report and complete data set you will find more data-driven conclusions about the market.

The free report is a summary with key insights of the collected data from all Casinos in the UK & Europe. Additionally the report contains some graphical representations of the data. You can download it for free!

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