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Our Vision

How fast is the market growing? Who are the main players? What is our market share? Which companies are ideal targets?

These are some of the questions
BrightWolves receives weekly from clients across the world. Mainly investors and B2B commercial teams.


Some examples:

A new medicine in South Africa

Liquor in Israël

Road construction materials in Poland

Elderly care in Belgium

ISO norm effective usage across Europe

Hospitality in Iberia

Construction machine distribution in Romania

After hundreds of market research projects, we developed a unique data-driven methodology to come up with precise, quantitative answers for our clients.

AskAldo is the combination of the market research and data teams of BrightWolves joining forces. Our ambition is to provide Data-Driven Market Insights at scale. No Fluff. Just Data.

Meet the AskAldo Team

"AskAldo's work has been a great support for our latest expansions. The research and dataset compiled by the team enabled us to better understand new markets and to define an appropriate expansion approach.  The delivered output was beyond our expectations. The dataset provided was very comprehensive, addressing our specific needs."
Peter De Brabandere - Founder at BizzMine

Looking for a report? Ask Aldo! 

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