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Elderly Care Homes Germany

The care home market in Germany is a rapidly growing industry, driven by an aging population and increasing demand for long-term care services. The market is composed of both publicly and privately operated facilities.
Despite the high demand the industry faces several challenges; shortage of qualified staff, increased wages and high turnover rates. Additionally, the cost of care home services has been rising.

There are 9.992 care homes in Germany, totaling a market size of around €14bn and +750.000 beds. Data reveals that the most expensive homes are located in North-East Germany.

In the free report and complete data set you will find more data-driven conclusions about this market.

The free report is a summary with key insights of the collected data from all elderly care homes in Germany. Additionally the report contains some graphical representations of the data. You can download it for free!

Do you want to have access to the complete dataset of elderly care homes in Germany? The entire dataset can be purchased here to get the complete market analysis of elderly care homes in Germany.

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