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Elderly Care Homes France
  • Elderly Care Homes France

    The elderly care home market in France, also known as the "maisons de retraite," has been growing in recent years due to an aging population and increasing demand for long-term care services. The current market in France offers beds for approximately 726.000 persons. This considers care homes, residential homes and nursing homes.


    There are 8.887 care homes in France, totaling a market size of more than €19bn. The market is divided into two main sectors: public and private. Public care homes are managed and financed by the government, private ones by private companies that have a broader range of services and amenities.

    The dataset provides information of over 8.800 care homes in France. There are 81 groups operating in France with Korian being the market leader. The largest homes are in the North of France, while the most expensive ones are close to Paris

    The dataset offers information on the following 9 different parameters:


    Group Region
    Address City Postal code
    Capacity Monthly fee