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Elderly Care Homes UK
  • Elderly Care Homes UK

    The elderly care home market in the United Kingdom (UK) has been growing in recent years, driven by an aging population and increased demand for long-term care services.


    There are + 16.000 care homes in the UK divided over hunderds of care home groups, totaling a market size of almost £17bn. Most of these homes are privately owned and operated. The government provides funding for elderly care through the National Health Service (NHS) and local authorities.


    The dataset provides information of over 16.000 care homes in the United Kingdom. There are 619 groups operating in the UK of which 100 operate more than 10 care homes. 

    The dataset offers information on the following 12 different parameters:


    Type of Owner Name
    Address City Postal code
    Group Capacity Care Provided
    Rating  Reviews Weekly Fee