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No Fluff. Just Data. 

AskAldo is an online platform to obtain market databases with aggregated insights to facilitate data-driven decision-making. 
Ask Aldo for a specific dataset right here. 

Available Datasets

About AskAldo


Get to Know AskAldo

Want to invest? Want to boost sales? Want to know what the market looks like? These are some of the challenges our clients across the world face every day. 

After hundreds of market research projects, we developed a unique methodology to come up with exhaustive market datasets for our clients.

Use cases
"AskAldo's work has been a great support for our latest expansions. The research and dataset compiled by the team enabled us to better understand new markets and to define an appropriate expansion approach.  
The delivered output was beyond our expectations. The dataset provided was very 
comprehensive, addressing our specific needs."
Peter De Brabandere - Founder at BizzMine

Our Offerings

Ready-to-use databases

Aldo has multiple ready-to-use market databases available.
You can download a free summary report or purchase the complete market dataset here!

Custom Research

If you do not find your required research on the website, you can ask Aldo to get the insights you need.

How does custom research work?

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